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Texas: The Lone Star State

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European Union

European Union Texas

The history of Europe and the history of Texas are intertwined. Spanish explorers arrived in Texas and were greeted warmly by local Indians. Mexican independence resulted in Texas being part of Mexico. Settlers from all over Europe immigrated into Texas by way of New Orleans and Galveston.

Securities were sold in European currencies to raise capital for infrastructure, new communities and towns. Many of these newly arrived immigrants did not want to live under Mexican rule and joined forces to declare Texas independence from Mexico. After the defeat of Santa Anna by Sam Houston in 1836, the Republic of Texas continued to enjoy the rapid increase in its citizenry from Europe and the USA.

In 1845, Texas became a State of the USA but retained the right to fly its flag at the same level as the flag of the USA, to become an independent nation again if its citizens so desired or divide itself into five separate states.

Today, numerous nonstop flights to Europe originate daily from major Texas airports. Bidirectional trade between Texas and the European Union increases yearly. This website, European Union Texas, is dedicated to continuously finding better friendship, cooperation and trade between the European Union and Texas.

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