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"We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden"....Goethe

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Texas: The Lone Star State

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European Union

European Union Texas is a Texas based initiative to maintain and improve bidirectional friendship, cooperation and trade between the people and businesses of Texas and the people and businesses of member countries of the European Union.

As the World enters the New Millennium, the global community is embracing market economies, the benefits of capitalism and tearing down barriers to trade. Texas is prominent in the minds of the World as a State within the United States where "thinking big" and achieving goals happen...whether it is sending astronauts to the Moon or drilling for oil beneath the ocean floors.

We invite you to join the European Union Texas community. Whether or not you live in Texas is not that important. If you simply have a "Texas State of Mind", we want to get to know you!

European Union Texas

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